The Rite of Spring

Daniel Léveillé Danse (CA)
Scena Travno - Zagreb

Dance Week Festival audience learned about the work of Daniel Léveillé during his early stages of his most radical choreographic research and in acknowledging the appreciation of this experience awarded the performance Amour, acide et noix with the Festival Audience Award. A full decade after its inception, the research into the choreographic possibilities of the nude body, liberated from „any and all additions to it’s identity“ remains a lasting preoccupation for one of Canada’s most acknowledged choreographers. This has resulted in the presentation of his work at the Venice Biennale after which the company arrives to Zagreb, offering us an opportunity to re-contextualize his „confessions of the body“

In The Rite of Spring by Daniel Léveillé, the dancers’ perpetual movement becomes a metaphor of the movement of a machine that produces as much energy as it consumes and that will ultimately lead to the sacrifice of the human. Daniel Léveillé creates a frenetic space – the kind you can imagine prevailing in the moments before a sacrifice in pagan Russia, when the entire community would enter a trance.

choreography: Daniel Léveillé
rehearsal director
: Sophie Corriveau
dancers at premiere
: Louise Lecavalier, Solange Paquette, Gilles Simard, Danielle Tardif
on stage
: Frédéric Boivin, Mathieu Campeau, Justin Gionet, Emmanuel Proulx
light designer
: Jean Jauvin
technical director / stage manager
: Philippe Dupeyroux
: Denis Farley
: Igor Stravinsky

A well known Montreal choreographer and teacher, Daniel Léveillé has a singular standing in Canadian dance. Over the past 30 years, he has created some twenty works performed by talented dancers, contributing to the evolution of this living art. Daniel Léveillé began his career as a choreographer in 1976. In 1982, the Canada Council for the Arts honoured him with the Jacqueline-Lemieux award in recognition of the quality of his artistic approach. In 1991, after many years working as an independent choreographer, he founded his own company, Daniel Léveillé Danse. Since 1988, he has also held the position of professor in the Dance department of the Université du Québec à Montréal.

He is an alumnus of the Nouvelle Aire group, a company and creative laboratory founded by Martine Époque. He received most of his training as a dancer from Linda Rabin and further explored creative issues with visual artist, choreographer and Refus Global signatory Françoise Sullivan. Among his many creations, Le Sacre du printemps (1982), Les Traces no I, II, III, IV, V, VI (1989), L’Exil ou la Mort (1991), Jules et Juliette (1994), Utopie (1998), Amour, acide et noix (2001)- Dora Mavor Moore award 2004 ; Public Award Zagreb 2005- La

pudeur des icebergs (2004) and Crépuscule des océans (2007) are landmark works in his choreographic career.