Shiver, sound on skin

FLOTA (SI) | k: Matjaž Farič
ZKM - Zagreb

Matjaž Farič, acclaimed Slovene choreographer and director, after 12 years returns to the Festival with a performance about archetypes and women as seen through a male perspective. Shiver, sound on skin, is also a premiere of new music score composed Milko Lazar and performed by Slovene percussionist project SToP.


They meet and divide the world into male and female poles. They find each other in the crevice of the world. Inspiration incites the rod to strike an object. The man propels the sound, the female body accepts it. The vibrating skin makes music and pours out into a shift. The body shifts, the consciousness shifts, then the shift turns into a dance. The rhythm breaks apart and several pairs of eyes witness how teeth sink into the solid crust. A taste spills out into the mouth and the jaws stiffen in a spasm. Her gaze stops on the surface, which is subjected to slaps. His hand administers them with precision, and so she has no difficulty finding her bearings in time. As time lapses, they look at each other and bow ceremoniously. They then forget each other. The drum beats give one the shivers. The more frequent and the more rhythmically complex the beat, the more the shiver turns into a light sensation of flying.

Matjaž Farič

music: Milko Lazar
horeography: Matjaž Farič
ostumes: Sanja Grcić
pace & props: Manca Bajec
ancers: Rosana Hribar, Kaja Janjič, Manca Krnel, Ana Mrak, Mateja Rebolj
usicians: SToP
ianist: Milko Lazar
roduction: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota
o-production: Cankarjev dom, Flota Ljubljana, Ljubljana Dance Theatre
artner: Slovenian Philharmonic
The performance was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the Culture Department of the City Municipality of Ljubljana.