Variacions Al.leluia

Lanònima Imperial (ES) | c: Juan Carlos García
31.05.10. | 01.06.10. | Gavella - Zagreb
02.06.10. | HKD Sušak - Rijeka

Spanish spectacle magicians, recipients of the Audience Award at the 8th Dance Week Festival, are returning to Croatia with a performance critics deemed „pocket size rock and roll opera“ – about fear!

Fears, nightmares, anxieties, shock, violence, panic, horror… If you know how to play with them – then there is nothing more beautiful

Variacions Al·leluia

Variacions Al.leluia strives to show us how courage can grow from fear. Movement is at the core of all action, while the simple text is used to support the notion of telling stories to children, or as part of a child’s play when the intent is to scare them – with the very stories about the presence of terrible beings, and about fear.

We also witness a game with the spirits who bring deliverance, disguised as fascinating and mysterious beings who communicate through rhythmic mumbling and whispers.

This is a performance full of enigmatic scenes, chiaroscuro atmosphere and fallen angels, of complex, quick, courageous, dangerous movements in daring combinations, perfectly executed by three dancers accompanied by the singer and musician Mürfila

author  & director: Juan Carlos García
Inma Asensio, Yester Mulens, Raquel Miró, Mürfila
set design:
José Menchero
Oriol Rosell & Mürfila
technical direction :
Manu Martínez
Marc Thio
assistant to choreographer:
Anna Roblas
costume design:
José Menchero & Juan Carlos García

Choreographer, director and photographer Juan Carlos Garcia initiated in 1986. the formation of internationally acclaimed company Lanònima Imperial. Following a successful dance career in Barcelona, Juan Carlos Garcia went on to study choreography with Merce Cunningham and Janet Panette, after which he created his own company which soon became one of the leading dance companies in Spain. The major characteristic of the unique style and the Company embodies is rooted in emotions, strong physicality of dancers all capable of bringing forth a fascinating atmosphere through a symphony of movement, impressive sets, music and multimedia…