WARP2: An evening of performances by emerging authors

Prostor+ (HR)
HKD - Rijeka

WARP organization Rijeka evenings are a platform to present works by authors, and also to assist authors with infrastructure to enable continued work conditions as well as to affirm their work; these platforms serve as opportunities for the emerging authors to present their own complete works or works-in-progress, as well as performance and/or video-dance creations.

Because there is no existing opportunity in Croatia providing ability for higher education in performing arts for those who wish to study this, project WARP2 wishes to fulfil part of this void by encouraging creations as part of the educational platform of this cycle at Prostor +.


Prostor +

Organized workshops and site specific productions throughout Rijeka have resulted in a new generation of talented artists who have educated themselves both in Croatia and abroad.  These productions have been featured at several major festivals including Dance Week Festival, Summer Nights Rijeka, StreetArt Poreč, Crna Ovca, WARP, Op.ART and  Sedam dana stvaranja.

Through a partnership with MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts) members of Prostor plus  have participated in Summer Academies in Berlin, and some today are active in the national theatres, the Theatre Academy in Zagreb, on TV, and some have formed their own artistic organizations or are engaged in arts management.

In 2008 and 2009   Prostor + was nominated for the annual professional award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association – an organization which contributes to the maturing of the dance scene and is active in the performing arts scene in Rijeka through the provision of production of dance events and contemporary dance education. For its achievements, Prostor + received the nomination for the Dance Artists Association Award.

Since 2007 Prostor + is active through the Assembly of Associations Molekula in Rijeka.

choreographers & performers: Lucija Blažević, Maja Dobrila, Vladimir Ježić,  Tanja Kalčić, Ana Mojzeš, Matea Pasarić and Jasmin Vrban
the project is modelled after the WARP project by ekscena in Zagreb.
the project is realized through the working platform of Molekula.