Trafik Armada
TRAFIK (HR) | a: Selma Banich, Mila Čuljak, Marin Alvir
Zagreb Dance Centre

With the works that evolved since than -  Europa pleše, Beaufortova ljestvica, Kino predstava, Pozdrav s Jadrana, Gramatika, Utjelovljenje, Destinacija Trafik: Divljač and Diva – Trafik  continued to push the boundaries between theatre, movement, physical theatre, and multimedia and never gave up on its own specific poetics.

This performance has been loosing its battle with theatre for centuries now.

So, instead of engraving into the facades of the city the message: With Armada against Fascism, it continues to charge at us its curses, torpedoes, and casings with the command: Cremate All! All performances, all actors and actresses, all film kisses, all bullets and microphones.

Between a concert and a docu-performance, as if some humorous study about loosing and rediscovery of theatrical bliss and sense of community, it declines to think of its body replacing it instead with someone else’s equally touching, mystical and as arousing as Mikes birthing of an adult person. And, if anyone on this world still does not understand why the obstruction thinks theatre while characters change into our favorite actors – they will tell you it began before anyone could even understand what it is. Therefore, there is nothing else you can do but put the mask onto your face and become the man with a thousand….heedlessly shouting out: Long Live!

At the end, the calculation is only yours – with a fleet or without it – it courageously continues to be the only performance which can be me.

authors: Selma Banich, Mila Čuljak, Marin Alvir
performers: Mila Čuljak, Marin Alvir
dramaturgy: Magdalena Lupi
composers: Marin Alvir, Adam Semijalac
costume design: Iztok Hrga
spatial design: Jasna Bajlo
light design: Alan Vukelić
soundscape: Josip Maršić
graphic design: Dobriša Radovanović / Manufaktura
production: Trafik