Maša Kolar, Zoran Marković (HR)
31.05.2010. GKL Split
03.06.2010. Zagrebački plesni centar

Maša Kolar and Zoran Marković are dancers and choreographer working together and each with a rich international dance career. They have recently returned to Croatia to actively participate in its dance scene. Through the coproduction with the Municipal Theare “Kristalna kocka vedrine” in Sisak, they created the full-length evening of dance comprised of three miniatures:   Do You Still Feed The Animal?, Colour - Lab and Bonet.

Miniatures are creative outputs and results of our nightmares, experiments and also our fairy-tales. They are very much like our own lives in which we are satisfied with mini-portions of love, time, money, pleasure, passion and patience. What is missing? In a way we are fulfilled, whole even overfilled! Are our miniatures in this digested form  wholesome enough? If not, then given a maximized portion of money, time, patience, love, passion and pleasure we promise to do more!

Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković

Do You Still Feed The Animal?
choreography: Leo Mujić
music: Henry Purcell

Colour – Lab
idea, scenario, performance: Maša Kolar,Zoran Marković
direction, camera, montage, postproduction: Vladimir Končar
music: The Cinematic Orchestra, Giovanni Solimma, Venetian Snares

choreography and performance: Maša Kolar, Zoran Marković
music: Venetian Snares: Hajnal

co-production: Municipyl Theatre Sisak, Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković