Spirit (prone to change)

Duh sklon promjeni
Studio za suvremeni ples (HR) | k: Maja Drobac
Zagreb Dance Centre

Studio za suvremeni ples (HR) | k: Maja Drobac

Spirit (prone to change) is dance poetry for six performers that deals with possibilities of merging various influences and establishing communication despite the differences. There are no two identical bodies, nor two identical ways in which they move, and each body has its own patterns. By taking over the patterns of others – rhythms, movements, states, not only does communication happen, but change too, in which one learns a new language, and is enriched by a new experience.

The performance was developed by through a mix of  the local rhythms with the rhythms of India which the choreographer brings as part of her own experience, and through exploration of  mutually different dance material which each of the performers, in collaboration with the author, created for themselves  and partners on stage, and also by combining the  dancers’ own, diverse  experience, techniques and approaches.

Spirit (prone to change) appears in every situation that abandons the everyday routine and expects the establishment of new relationships, short in duration, ephemeral and elusive. As the spirit(s) (inter)change, the performance slides in betwixt and between various musical motifs, movement styles, images, moods and velocities, in hope that the need for change is exactly what makes the spirit(s) visible.

Spirit (prone to change) won the “Kaplja” award at the PUF festival in Pula (2009).

choreography: Maja Drobac
dramaturgy: Maja Sviben
lighting design: Marko Bolković
costumes: Zdravka Ivandija
sound mastering: Damir Šimunović
choice of music: Maja Drobac
dancers: Ana Vnučec, Dina Ekštajn, Ivana Miletić – Piškor, Nataša Mihoci, Petar Banda i Branko Banković
coproduction: Studio Contemporary Dance Company and Scene Gorica

Maja Drobac
was educated at the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić and the School for Classical Ballet in Zagreb. After graduating the Academy in Amsterdam and internship with the Magpie Music and Dance Company, she continued to  study Bharatanatyam and karnatik music in Kerala, India (Bhaskar College of Fine Arts). Today she belongs to Nupuri, the school of Bharatanatyam under the guidance of guru Smt. Lalith Srinivasan. She also plays Mrudangam under the guidance of guru Chaluvaraju Wed.