Iskra Šukarova (MK), Dejan Srhoj (SI)
Zagreb Dance Centre

Formula is a contemporary dance project initiated by Dejan Srhoj (Slovenia) and Iskra Sukarova (Macedonia) in year 2006.

Formula includes structured improvisation as dance method dealing with the research of different discourses of communication, formulas of establishing relation between different individuals in different conditions, as well as imposing and decomposing the codes of conveying. Formula is a way of open communication; it is a way of collaboration with different artists. Formula is the speed we create with and it is the speed we forget with. Formula is to be and not be on the stage. Formula is a sonnet, a square, a diagonal and a recipe.

First Formula was based on the deconstruction of some aspects of classical ballet (moving in diagonals, facing public and facing up-stage, partnering, gestures). These aspects were later re-shaped, inverted, exposed. The result was far from ballet but it kept aiming at precision of performance, quality of touch and being human.

choreography, concept & performance: Iskra Sukarova, Dejan Srhoj
dramaturgical tricks: Ana Vujanovic
production manager: Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski
costume & design: Iskra Sukarova and Dejan Srhoj
costume realisation: Afrodita Kiki
choice of music: Iskra Sukarova and Dejan Srhoj
co-production: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture (MK) & Fičo Balet (SI)- Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MK), National Choreographic Centre in Orleans (FR)
The performance has been realized with the help of the: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of  Macedonia, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of  Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana

Dejan Srhoj
is a freelance performer and choreographer. He is currently involved in projects dealing with the questions of copying and originality: as a performer in Pupilija Papa Pupilo and Pupilceks and Fake It directed by Janez Jansa. As a dramaturg in Hommage a trois, a dance theatre piece directed by Dragana Alfirevic.

He is interested in dancing as non-product and on the other hand interested in creating dance pieces that would act as good products. He has co-founded regional project NDA-Nomad Dance Academy.

Iskra Sukarova is an established principal soloist and choreographer at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje, where she held the position of the Art director of the Ballet, for two years. She was a student of contemporary dance at the National Conservatorium Superior in Lyon, France, and in graduated from Laban Center in London, UK. She has completed several different trainings with: Susanne Linke, Mark Tompkins, Joe Alegado, Milli Biterli, Mia Lawrence, Ivan Wolfe, Jennifer Lacey etc. She collaborated with Yoshiko Chuma,  Allyson Green, Bert Gstettner, Cathy Weis, Alice Castillio… In 2003, together with Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Nataša Dimitrievska, she founded Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture. She is one of the founders of the Balkan Dance Network and the NOMAD Dance Academy project.