UPPU PULS & Zorin Dom (HR) | a: Katarina Đurđević
02.06.2010. | opening night!
Zagreb Dance Centre

KRITIKA - is a work in process, a dance performance which merges two mediums – photography and movement, a moment which is forever recorded and living  material which with each new presentation changes and attains a new dimension.

The dancer is researching a moment recorded in the photography, a working process which has forever recorded a moment when it was conceived, and a possibility for repetition of the same as well as for the expression of the body which arises from the photography. Interpreting the confusion and self-discovery of the artist while in creation, as well as the euphoric sense of uncertainty and physiological reaction as is the nervousness of the stomach on the day of the premier.

What after the premier – the uncertainty…success or failure!?

The performance doesn’t stop on the stage, it continues until the critics have had their say through the media and as a result of which the critics, the authors of the critical review become a constituting element of the performance, its authors and dancers. Only once we have read the written critical expressions of the danced expression, does the work in progress become to its conclusion, and the curtains close off the stage

Katarina Đurđević is choreographer, dancer and pedagogue. She graduated the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletic in Zagreb (1991) where she teaches today. She is the co-founder and the President of the Association of  Dance Artists PULS. She is the author of several full-length works: Ograničen pokret (2001.), Sluh oka (2002.), Šuma Striborova (2003.), THC Pozitiv (2004.), Gdje mi je nestao pupak? (2005.), Mekoslon (2006.), 093/90-60-90 (in 2008 this creation was awarded with the Audience Award at the Platform for Emerging Choreographers),   0 IX III/XC-LX-XC (2009.), Excuse me, do you know where Marija Jurić Zagorka street is? (2009.).