Zrinka Šimičić (HR)
31.05.2010. | 01.06.2010.
Zagreb dance centre

Moveranje is, of course, a non-existing word. We made it up as in a game, a game of meaning, and then we set it as a title as we believe it reflects what this is all about.  We consider emotion, but also motivation, and to move and of course (latin movere = to move

Moveranje is a dance-sound-spatial installation in which three dancers : Darija Doždor, Silvija Marchig and  Zrinka Šimičić, react with movement to the sounds interventions produced by  Sven  Pavlović , and all taking place in the spatial labyrinth created by Martina Mezak.

What are feelings, where do they stem from and how much of this, often contradicting states, co-exist in the labyrinths of our inner being, as well as the outside that is our as part of our physical reactions?  On how many levels do these outside impulses impact on our behaviour, and in turn creates the context of our existence? These are some of the questions that moved us through….   Moveranje.

Zrinka Šimičić

dance installation
idea: Zrinka Šimičić
dancers: Darija Doždor, Silvia Marchig, Zrinka Šimičić
sound: Sven Pavlović
spatial design: Martina Mezak
project is funded by City Office for Culture Zagreb
project is realized in collaboration with Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance.

Zrinka Šimičić started dancing in „Atena“ a studio in Zagreb run for a while by French choreographer Kilina Cremona. As member of the Zagreb Dance Ensemble she danced in their projects: Hastiness of the Soul (Žurba duše) by Emilia Gutierreza (2001.) i To me this isn’t something…. (Meni ti to nije baš..). Irme Omerzo (2002.). She continued to collaborate with  Irma Omerzo in the creation of a dance film: In our City (U našem gradu (2003.), and in a series of other  performances. She has also collaborated with other chroreographers  such as: Aleksandra Janeva, Silvija Marchig, Kate Foley, Nensi Lazić, Nikolina Pristaš and BADCo., Igor  Grubić  and she has worked with french choreographer Mié Coquempot.

With Iva Hladnik i Darija Doždor she co-authored the choreography In Passing (U prolazu) (2003.), which was presented as part of the Moving Gallery at the 20th Dance Week Fetival; and also the dance exhibition Rooms (Sobe) (2007.) featured in the gallery  Kua Lotrščak.

She was enrolled in the program of the School for Body-Mind Centering since 2005, within which she graduated in  IDME (Infant Developmental Movemet Education). She has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in the field of Art History and French Literature.