Cie Jasmina / W-Est_Where (HR/ FR/AT/HU) | a: Jasmina Prolić
Zagreb dance centre

Plié, Tendu, Jeté…
Folded, Tight, Thrown…
To fold, to tighten, to throw. Or what these three verbs reflect of life.

Ruins…, questions the dual sense of the interpretation. As a thread and as a working base, this piece has three verbs which are borrowed from the dance technique “Folded, tightened, thrown”… The dramaturgical structure is made up of three parts constantly crossed by these three states: the acceptance of the situation / to fold, the tension / to be tightened and the refusal / to throw. Then it is possible to say that it is this piece stems from us to you, it stems from you to us and it tends to the universal. Or, how the corporal acting on stage in a situation of closed space can be the mirror of the life – yours and this one of every one – of the incapacity to live, to make things together. Whatever we make is a mistake.
concept & production: Company Jasmina
music & sound: Bruno Bianchi
choreography & interpretation: Jasmina Prolic, Bruno Bianchi, Isabelle David, Darko Japelj, Sanja Maier-Hasagic, Guillaume Marie, Marika Rizzi
choreographer’s assistance: Gisèle Trembleau
dramaturgical support: Igor Dobričić
lighting design: Ivan Mathis
light technician: Arnaud Reguigne
partners: European Union – Program Culture 2007-2013 (W-EST_WHERE project)
co production: Emmetrop, Teatro Viriato, HIPP, Trafó, ADAMI Regional Council Centre, Culture French Ministry – DRAC Centre, City of Orleans, Centre National de la Danse, Conseil Général du Loiret, With the support of Association Le 108

Jasmina Prolić, a former member of Sarajevo’s National Theatre entered The National Superior Conservatoire of Dance and Music of Paris, where she started learning Contemporary Dancing. For her graduation in 1996, she created a first solo “Sarajevo, 25th of April 10 o’clock in the morning or Why?” The latter won the first price in Albi, at the 1999 Contest for French Young Choreographers “Solo Mio”.

In 2002, at Joseph Nadj’s invitation, she eventually founded her own company in Orléans. Since 2007, she is the artistic consultant for the project “Nomad Dance Academy” for Tanzelarija, an organisation for contemporary dance development and promotion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of the Balkan Dance Network. She is also artistic director of the Contemporary Dance Festival ZVRK in Sarajevo.