Milos Sofrenovic
Miloš Sofrenović (AT/RS)
Zagreb Dance Centre

The project Solo for three visions researches and expresses the concept of the „poetic body“which is hidden in each one of us. Our inner world is in dialogue with our movements in the outside world, it forms a whole which we can experience also as a form of movement, or even on a higher level as a form of the metaphysical. Through my inner dialogues the body seizes to be the prisoners of the world of logic, yet at the same time it does not loose its own meaning – on the contrary. To use the words of two authors, who, among many have provided the inspiration for this work?

“It is often less important to change things in a revolutionary way; it is more important to awake them“
Peter Handke, Caspar and Other Dramas

“In the ultimate depths of each person, at his very core – is movement, not peace – an ontological dynamism. This movement is solely an inner process. It is not a result of outside historic developments. This movement develops within eternity itself. The revelation of the irrational in life does not at all diminish  the intellect. On the contrary, revealing this irrationality enhances the acuity of the intellect.“

Nikolaj Berdjajev,  Tragedy and the Everyday

author & performer: Miloš Sofrenović
soundscape: Miloš Sofrenović
sound collaborators: Jan Visocky & Cosimo Nando
video: Miloš Sofrenović
video collaborator: Chris Clow
set & costumes: Miloš Sofrenović

Miloš Sofrenović graduated from the Laban Centre in London. He furthered his studies through scholarships and attending: . DanceWeb program (Austria), Dance Omi Residency program (USA), DanzInc Residency Program (Singapore).  He danced for the  Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore), Tanz Theatre Wien (Austria), Coartris (Germany), Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal (Germany) and the Netherlands Dance Theatre II (Holland), as well as choreographing for John Galliano and for  Dior. His choreographies were featured at the London Cochrane Theatre, the Bonnie Bird Theatre, at the Solistice Festival and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The merging of the literature of movement is his lasting artistic obsession.