The Night Will Be Black

The Night Will Be Black
Compagnie Haut et Court (BR) | a: Astrid Toledo
01.06.2010. | 02.06.2010. | 03.06.2010.
Zagreb Dance Centre

“Observing some commonalities in these (photographic) recordings, I realized that most of these people are laying down, either asleep or under influence and as such they find it very difficult to stand, or to independently control their own body and its actions.

I started to research the positions of these people as they laid down, who are so close to the ground and at times crawling. In this process, the gesticulations, the state of the body  and the movements started to direct the work and created a sort of “dramaturgy” within the process itself.

It was important not to turn to one’s own past and not to read into the “history” which in a way determined the state of the street population. This approach touched upon another important issue – how does one use a theme which so forcefully imposes a social aspect and yet to retain the quest for the abstract, for that sensitive dimenstion which will resolve the overall issue. “

creator, performer & costume Designer: Astrid Takche de Toledo
lighting design and photography: Nicolas Boudier
Sound: Lois Lancaster

Astrid Takche de Toledo is an interpretator and creator. She received her dance education first through classical ballet, followed by modern and then contemporary dance at the Angel Vienna School in Rio de Janeiro, then at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place and at the Trisha Brown School in New York. She recently graduated in dance from the  Université Paris VIII. She collaborated for four years with Paul Nestorov, including performing at the Lyon Dance Biennale.  .

During this period she also studied set design, and created and manipulated puppets. Upon returning to Brazil, together with Alexander Boccanera she started to create performances which merged dance with object theatre. As a result, her interest in researching the language of the body is focused on the body “without a will”, passive and relinquishing itself to gravity, and towards the relationship between the mobile and the motionless

The solo The Night Will be Dark is a result of her research based in the photography of the homeless population of Rio de Janeiro.