Spurren der Verriten
TKO | a: Nada Kokotović (HR/DE)
28.05.2010. | 29.05.2010.
Zagreb dance centre

Nada Kokotivić returns after 19 years to Dance Week Festival – a period during which she established her own theatre in Köln and has affirmed herself in German theatre milieu. Her performance Traces of the Wanderer is based on the most recent drama by Austrian literary   enfant terrible, Peter Handke.

Nameless characters – alone, in couples or threes – wander through empty space. A small migration of people. Searching or fleeing, these characters circle around issues related to human existence.  In the floating they find their words. All disappears: the relationship to others, the possibility of peace and of inversion. Even time has expired. A careful observer describes the destinies which have crumbled into their components. There is no action here, nor is there tragedy; only voices, bodies and movement. In the creations of the actors of Theatre TKO and its dancers Handke’s strong visuals are condensed into a perplexing tableau of the end of times.

direction, choreography, set: Nada Kokotović
author of the text: Peter Handke
dancers: Grit Bardowick, Andrė Jolles, Tuong Phuong
actors: Zeljka Preksavec, Till Brinkmann, Christine Sohn (video)
dramaturgy, projection manager:   Christa Morgenrath
production: TKO Köln

Nada Kokotović , born in Croatia, studied classical ballet and contemporary dance as well as film and theatre and philosophy in Zagreb.  As a dancer and choreographer she has collaborated with numerous acknowledged contemporary composers (Madern, Stochausen and Kelemen) and directors (Spajić, Paro, Radojević, Violić, Jovanović). At the end of the 70ties of the past century she received a two year scholarship  for professional development which took her to the USA where she worked with Balanchine at NY City Ballet, at the Off Off Broadway and at the New York State Opera. Upon her return from the States, she created her own authentic theatre expression „choreodrama“ which she has presented over a 100 times at theatres throughout former Yugoslavia. Together with Ljubisa Ristic, she co-founded a multiethnic, multilingual theatre project KPGT presenting their works in Yugoslavia, Mexico, USA, Australia  and through Europe.

In 1992 she immigrated to Germany where she works today as director and as choreographer. Together with her theatre and personal partner Nedjo Osman she established the Theatre TKO (Teater Kokotovic Osman) based in  Köln.

In addition to her work at TKO she also directs in theatres throughout Germany (Landestheater Tübingen, Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken, Tanzforum Köln, Oper Stuttgart, Stadttheater und Rathausoper Konstanz, Sommer Theater Überlingen, Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, Schlosstheater Moers).