Sonia Baptista
Sónia Baptista (PT)
24.05.2010. | 25.05.2010.
Zagreb Dance Centre

ViceRoyale.VainRoyale.VileRoyale is a triptych: a performance representing 3 displaced women summoning the conceptual and emotional languages of dance, film, music and poetry.

The first takes us to a safari, colonial world. She could be a slightly deranged Karen Blixen with a touch of Marguerite Duras in “Indochine”. The second is a somewhat visionary duchess that has guessed the coming of Jane Austen and that at the same time, crosses the regency period with the post‐punk era of the British 80’s, of the atmosphere of the Bauhaus, the New Romantics, the Joy Division The last one is very Kafkian, she looks like she came straight from a film noir. She has a touch of Fernando Pessoa, a dash of Katherine Hepburn, a scent of a dual soul.

Sónia Baptista is one of the most interesting young choreographers in Portugal today. Her work has been presented in Portugal, France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, U.K., Russia, Tunisia and Brazil.

In 2001 she received the Ribeiro da Fonte Award for Best Newcomer in Dance, awarded by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, for Haikus, a series of solos that hadn’t even officially been premiered. An exceptional act, tribute to an exceptional work, in which Sónia Baptista created a surprising creative universe, refreshing and very personal.

conceived, directed & written by: Sónia Baptista
performers: Sónia Baptista, Rogério Nuno Costa
film & video: Rui Ribeiro
collaboration film & video: Jorge Gomes, Micaela Fonseca
original music: Alex Alves Tolkmitt
lighting design: Pedro Machado
designer: Nuno Coelho
costumes & props: Sónia Baptista
executive production: Joăo Lemos
production: Prado
co producers: Culturgest (PT), Buda (BE)
supports: WpZimmer (BE), O Espaço do Tempo, Kodak, Crice,
project supported by: Direcçăo Geral das Artes, Ministério da Cultura

Vice-Royale.Vain-Royale.Vile-Royale. from Sónia Baptista on Vimeo.