Societat Doctor Alonso / ES /

“Anarchy.Everything is based on freedom. But what does freedom mean to each of us?"

This is an experiment in chaos and order.
The experience is obviously not an innocuous one and is extremely complex; it could be summarised as "if you want silence you have to work on it" or "do whatever you like". Assuming power is in no way simple. We are born tied to our circumstances and from our earliest childhood depend on others to obtain such vital necessities as food or heat. We depend on the audience, and also on theatres and governments, for our work to be seen. However, what is essentially a social interdependence does not make either the audience or the theatres or the governments our masters. The problem with government is that it has been created to rule, to administrate and to govern our actions. Art is a homogenous medium where we can experiment with or reproduce certain states, certain assumptions.