Solo for Nereja

Integrated Movement Research Collective - IMRC / HR /

Solo for Nereja is a dance journey through which the dancer explores her own limits by merging imaginary landscapes and real scene space. It is inspired by the film Amélie, and created through affirmation of the specific performance potential of the dancer.

IMRC was founded as the performance core through the dance integration workshops, which act since 2012 as an inclusive platform in Zagreb Dance Centre supported by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, and are gathered around the idea that dance and movement are not a prerequisite for a certain body, but the body's expression and experience of dance movement belong to everyone. For those with no apparent physical damage, as well as those with limited mobility or disabilities.

IMRC is a group of dancers with different physical realities that come from different dance practice and educative systems, with a common wish to deepen their understanding of movement and dance, and to share this experience with others through series of performances and workshops.

In addition to Zagreb, we have toured in Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Karlovac, and the festival Unlimited Access in Athens with workshops and performances, and our dancers were invited to workshops in Glasgow, Lisbon and London.