Matjaž Farič / SI /

Red-Trail is not only a new dance solo by Matjaž Farič, but something which runs in our bodies. It is an expression of the charge of creative energy alive in the veins of a person who loves art. It is very physical and as verbal as colour and structure. Yet it is also wrapped in a glow that prevents the mind recognizing the form and categorizing it because it transfuses forms and transforms in front of our eyes. The charge carried by Red-Trail has three sides: it is instinctively virtuoso, dancingly beautiful, technically flawless. The artist's aesthetic is purified and clear at first sight. Everything is in place and structured, nothing seems to be left to chance. However, this time we will be seduced in a different way. While expecting to enter something enclosed, we will be faced with a dancer, his intimacy, his imperfections, his faults and of course all the passion and love of what he is doing. He will invite us to where everything begins; in body, in flesh, in what we are made of. We will realize that we are all here to perceive synaesthesia live. To smell movement, to hear colours, to see sound and among all this co-perception a man who with his body, being aware of its abilities, and a sense for theatricality evokes associative fields, stirs up imagination and makes us realize that we are what we are.

Staša Bračič, dramaturg