Live to Tape, a still moving Talkshow

Live to Tape, a still moving Talkshow

Jasna L. Vinovrški / Cie Public in Private (DE/HR)

23.5.2012. | 21:00h | ZPC
24.5.2012. | 20:00h | ZPC

Choreography/Set: Jasna Layes Vinovrski
Performers: Isabel Lewis, Martin Clausen
Music/ Sound: Brandon Johnson
Lighting Designer: Clair Terrien
Dramaturgical support: Wilma Renfordt
Mentors: Florian Feigl, Dr. Christiane Berger

About the performance

This is a Talkshow, live, on a theatre stage. Two performers experimenting with this shifted format, with the different modes of representation, presence, attention and reception that it enables and constraints at the same time. Between the professionally public and disturbingly private. Between the mediated liveness of television and the one-on-one liveness of theatre.
However, within this usual interview context the audience witnesses the increasing moments of rupture where time is stretched, with duration working like a magnifying glass – focusing the attention to the here and now, to the present moment that is being shared and created together with the audience.
Live to Tape lays out structures of representation, interaction and perception that predefine our reception – in theatre and television as well as in everyday life.  Is what we see an emerging, spontaneous process or is it a prescribed show?

Realized with the support of:  HZT Master programme in Choreography, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch and Cie Public in Private; With special thanks to: Irina Müller, Clement Layes, Elisabeth Molle, Zeina Hanna, Igor Koruga and Johannes Wengel.

About the company

Cie Public in Private is a contemporary dance company founded by Jasna Layes Vinovrški and Clement Layes. It researches, reflects and questions social, political and cultural structures, as well as the individual position in these structures. Public in Private produces the work of Clément Layes and Jasna Layes-Vinovrški, it researches, reflects and questions social, political and cultural ideas.

Photos from the performance at the Zagreb Dance Centre 23.5.2012.
Photo: Ksenija Španec

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