Shoot Me

Shoot Me

Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel (UK)

30.5.2012. | 21:00h | ZPC
31.5.2012. | 20:00h | ZPC

Concept, realisation and performance: Luke Baio, Dominik Grünbühel
Music: Mathias Koch, Herbert Michael Kopitar
Costumes:  Goran Bugarić, Stefan Röhrle
Live-editor: Georg Eckmayr
Production: Pufferfish Kunstverein
Coproducition: Tanzquartier Wien
With the support of: MA7 - Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur
First played at Wiener Fest Wochen, June 2011.
This is event is made possible by INTPA – International Network for Dance and Performance Austria of Tanzquartier Wien from funds by BMUKK and BMeiA

About the performance

Shoot Me is a mixture of performance, video production, and concert.  Using both old and new techniques, a short film is shot live, edited, and played back with live music throughout. A chaotic duet, where the performers must double as cameramen, technitions and each other, resulting in a short film, with a few surprises.

"I am the kino-eye, I am the mechanical eye, I am the machine that shows you the world as only a machine can see it. From now on I will be liberated from immobility. I am in perpetual movement. I draw near to things, I move myself away from them, I enter into them, I travel toward the snout of a racing horse, I move through crowds at top speed, I percede soldiers on attack, I take off with airplanes, I flip over on my back, I fall down and stand back up as bodies fall down and stand back up.  " 
Dziga Vertov


About the authors

Luke Baio started dancing young when his sister dragged him along to one of her lessons.
After a short spell as an actor with the National Youth Theatre, he returned to dance and from
1997 trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and in 2001 joined Richard
Alston Dance Company. He is currently making his own work as well as performing with
Liquid Loft.

Dominik Grünbühel has been creating live- and video work since 2002. He is a founding
member of the award winning klezmer - punk band Nifty´s. He trained as a dancer in
Vienna and London (London Contemporary Dance School) and has been a freelance dancer/
performer for the last 10 years. He has studied Digital Art at the University of Applied Art.

Photos from the performance at ZDC
Photo: Ksenija Španec
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