Boys Don’t Cry / Love Will Tear Us Apart

de facto (HR)

31.5.2012. | 21:00h | ZPC

Boys Don’t Cry

Concept: Saša Božić
Choreography: Petra Hrašćanec i Saša Božić
Performance: Petra Hrašćanec, Marko Jastrevski (Ana Mrak/Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld)
Choice od music: de facto
Sound editor: Damir Šimunović
Producer: Štefica Bartolin
Production: de facto

About the performance

Boys Don’t Cry builds upon the research from 2011 which resulted with Love Will Tear Us Apart, a solo for dancer Petra Hraščanec. The show deals with questions of ownership over the performance; first in an abstract dance frame dealing with the body, and then in a broader artistic and social framework. It has received very positive reactions from both the audience and the critics at last year’s Dance Week Festival.

Boys Don’t Cry explores the legacy of female singer-songwriters from the period of the 60s of last century (Joan Baez, Marianne Faithfull, Judy Collins...) and the related issues of female identity on the scene and the political messages that this music, and the dances danced to it, possess. The female identity in the work is explained through the voice and the look, while the ownership of this identity is discussed through the fictional biography of the dancer Petra Hraščanec, brought to life in the form of a duet.

The third part of this trilogy entitled The Beatles will premiere in 2013, in collaboration with the French dance collective Logge 22.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Concept: Saša Božić
Choreography: Saša Božić & Petra Hrašćanec
Performance: Petra Hrašćanec
Choice of Music: Saša Božić i Petra Hrašćanec
Producer: Štefica Bartolin
Photography and Video: Danko Stjepanović
Thanks to: Teatru &TD, Gradskom kazalištu Trešnja, Bruni Pocheronu
The project is financed by Croatian Ministry of Culture

About the performance

Love will Tear us Apart is a solo created for performer Petra Hrašćanec. The work itself fuses several genres and is somewhere between a rock concert, confession and abstract dance. The question of ownership over the performance at first was positioned within an abstract dance frame dealing only with the body and the politics of observation, extremely expanding into a broader arts and social context.
Love in the title relates to love for dance, the act of dance itself, while the work debates the difference between dance and its realization as a social event through the constitution and definition of the performer herself.

The performer executes dance numbers, chosen love songs, while in the intermission we are to learn about seemingly ephemeral details about the origins of this production, weaving a fine net of relationships between powers which define the act of performance. The audience is invited to actively take on the responsibility about the sequences in the hierarchy of the act of performing.

About the group

De facto is a theatre based company which was founded in 2009 by renowned Zagreb based dance and theatre artists: Barbara Matijević and Saša Božić. The Company explores possibilities of connecting to the international arts scene and to authors who share similar interests in the field of research and experiment in the performing arts.


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