Sandra Banić Naumovski,
Ana Kreitmayer, Zrinka Užbinec (HR)

1.6.2012. | 21:00h | ZPC

Choreography: Sandra Banić Naumovski, Ana Kreitmeyer i Zrinka Užbinec
Performance: Ana Kreitmeyer i Zrinka Užbinec
Multimedia: Igor Pauška
Music: Adam Semijalac

The project was supported by: Office for Cultural Affairs, Education and Sports City of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry for Culture and was realized through the Croatian association of dance artists and through the working platform of ekscena in collaboration with the Open University Zagreb

Thanks to: Cultural Centre Novi Zagreb, Sergej Pristaš , BADco., Angelo, Iva and Miljac

O predstavi

In Pauses the performance is recorded by four cameras from different viewing points so the performers and the audience can see themselves on the screen throughout the performance. The inspiration was found in a performance two years earlier by Zrinka Užbinec and Oliver Frljić which they used as a recyclable which evolves through its own repetition. Researching contact with the bodies of audience members which are at the same time enablers as much as they are obstacles, contributes to unpredictable situations in the performances itself. The performance is constructed through combining three aspects (visuals, live performance, contact) and the space that the audience occupies and which, along with the performers, is an integral participant in this performance.

O autoricama

Ana Kreitmeyer is a dancer and choreographer who works within the framework of the collective BADco from Zagreb. She has been developing her author position as a co-author within the BADco. and is also the author of projects Pauses, KontAkt 1, Drunken Wood and short choreography Možda jednom (Maybe Once), in collaboration with choreographer S. Banić Naumovski.
She is also active in the field of pedagogy, through contemporary dance classes and occasional workshops (usually in collaboration with members of BADco.) in Croatia and abroad.

Zrinka Užbinec is a dancer with choreographic interest. She is member of the collaborative performing company BADco. and is one of the coordinators of the Experimental free scene (EkScena), an independent organization created with the objective to promote and affirm contemporary dance and other forms of performing arts. She has colaborated with various authors and groups. Occasionally she holds contemporary dance classes and workshops
She is also interested in educational work and works with youth in workshops (usually in collaboration with members of BADco.) in Croatia and abroad.

Sandra Banić Naumovski is a dance artist. She has performed in numerous works by Croatian and international artists. She is the author of fifteen dance performances, shows and actions, in collaboration with other Croatian artists. She is one of the recipients of the CSA Annual Award (2007) for her work in managing and coordinating the work of EksScena. She is also a cofounder of the arts organization OOUR.

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