30.05.2015. / 19:00h / ZPC

Matija Ferlin (HR)

In his solo performance Sad Sam Almost 6 Matija Ferlin wants to investigate a mind of a child that is not conditioned by anything, not even by his own existence. While growing up, the conscience of the existence creates numerous “terrorizing” facts that are results of social conditions and constraints. All fictitious childhood characters become enemies. The fact that we have to grow up results in imperfections that make our lives and modes of existence specific and individual.

Axioms of the creative process:
A child with no fear! The mind of a kid being conditioned (if at all) only by its existence.
Grow up and kiss terror! The (in)capacity to stop the social terror that transforms childhood naivety into fear of a grown man.
Bring it on man! The will to discuss a certain subject with a lack of arguments.
Now! I have knowledge of my body only by living.
Now 2! Exposure of presence.
This is not a therapy! Creating universal work that is sourced from personal "hard-core" history.
Feelings Suck! Tackling the problematic issues of feelings and emotions that in general view "cannot" be issues of a conceptual work.
Dance - the very last thing! Treating dance as a last necessity to expose certain idea.
We need prophets! Human urge to predict life & death.
Erase Decoration! Forget about the virtuosity and sink down into the functionality of your body.
You are all I need! Since there are no others.
Repetition rules! Indeed.
How to use? Suggest a manual for re-thinking life.
What is this doing here? It was there before you arrived.
Call 911! Performance as the last rescue.
sad sam /almost there ...
-- Matija Ferlin and Katja Praznik

“Ferlin, astonishing in the point of the situation which takes us by surprise, and capricious in changes, again does not fit within the framework of neither the genre of a dance, drama nor puppet show but he does act on all levels: rational notions, emotional experience and that something in-between which is recognized by the senses are all intertwined… ”
Maja Đurinović, (Croatia), October 13, 2010

Photo: Nada Žgank