27. 5. 2016. / 22:00 / Tvornica kulture


“I loved your Weltschmertz” is a quote from the song Joyful Day by the Yugoslav band Ekatarina- EKV. Artistic activity, legacy and poetics of EKV are the starting point for this choreographic-musical performative, site specific work. Total commitments to the music as a utopian place which has risen from the socio-political context and charismatic personalities have brought the band the status of uncompromising, destructive visionaries.

Milan Mladenović, the frontman of EKV said: “The Eighties are a descent down the stairs”. I'm surprised how much there is to go down."
The performance Weltschmertz demythologizes the 80s.

Going back to the alternative club milieu, acceptance of the dusty romantic idea of ​​pain as the drive to continue, with the echo of the EKV sound and the pluralism of the performed responses, melancholy and irony, with a drink and alternative sound, individuals who aspire to a kind of freedom of opinion, expression and entertainment meet, lead by exclusively internal sense of not consenting to the Convention and ideology in search of their own identity foothold.

"As a high school student in the early 80's pilgrimaging to EKV concerts in Rijeka and Ljubljana, fascinated with Milan, Maggie, Bojan and others from the band, their appearances, playing on stage in Palach and in Ljubljana club K4 I grooved to the EKV's Weltshmertz.

I thought that the word was very cool as an accurate description of my Goth, new romantic image. I devoured everything that had to do with Weltschmertz: books, music, movies, clothes; and I carefully chose friends who loved Weltshmertz and took that outlook on life.
Today, in my late 40s, again I go back to this time, but for completely different reasons, feeling the collective disappointment with actuality of the world, the need to pull away from it, that many of them and maybe even the whole society is going through a new Weltschmertz, but this time it is not just a way of life but a true concern for the future. "

Žak Valenta