29. 5. 2016. / 19:00 / ZPC

Nikolina Komljenović (HR)

The body is observed as an object. I place the body in space that disunions excluding vitality, pulling it apart to generate life. Disunion of persona’s parts. The pieces themselves are playing their parts. They are in synthesis. Each level is in communication with other levels. Every part of the body can function independently, and that is how I am exploring it. Each part is treated as a single layer and then layers are watched as the multifaceted work, as a whole. Through the object/s of my body, I move to the subject - myself. I'm starting from the mechanical movement of the object to the individual subjectivity of the body. They create a subject. The entity and each individual level, each piece is communicating with the audience, sound, light, space... All parts are included in the synthesis.

The performance is a result from the project Task 7 by Nikolina Pristaš as part of the Break-a-leg program of the festival. Production: Zagrebački plesni centar (Zagreb dance center), and Wiesen 55 e.V organization, Berlin.