We’re in This Together

4. 6. 2016. / 22:00 / ZPC


We're in this together starts from the psychiatric syndrome Folie a'deux ("shared psychosis" or "a madness shared by two") in which the delusional ideas and behavior are transmitted from one person to another. Taking this as a premise, the authors explore possibilities of mutual creation of language and movement in a creative process. The process of research has revealed both ties and boundaries between two people who depart from the same place, but due to different personal and professional backgrounds make different artistic choices which lead to different performative solutions.

The created reality of two performers on stage is the intersection of those solutions. Two women are building together an imaginary world that balances on the edge of performativity, sharing and supporting each other’s choices and decisions unconditionally, interwoven with all included elements of the decision making process (hesitation, insecurity, changing one's mind, reviewing, giving up etc.).



Nika Mišković was born in Rijeka in 1987.  She has a master's degree in acting from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She worked in a number of theaters in Zagreb. For the lead role in the play “Ana and Mia” by Anica Tomić and Jelena Kovačić she received numerous awards including the Croatian Theatre Award in the category of best actor in puppet shows or  plays for children and youth. She also made several films of which she had a prominent role in the film “Stains” by Aldo Tardozzi. She is a permanent member of the Croatian drama in Croatian national theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, and is also active in the independent art scene in Rijeka.

Ivana Kalc was born in Rijeka. After formal education in Rijeka (studied German and history), in 2003 she went abroad to study modern dance (SEAD- Salzburg; Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitat- Linz, Austria). After graduating, she lives and works as a dancer and teacher in Austria and Germany.
In 2008 she received a scholarship DanceWEB in Vienna (ImpulsTanz Festival). In 2009 she founded the artistic organization Kabinet, in whose production she is realizing her own original works. In 2010 she permanently returns to Croatia and devotes to contemporary dance. The same year she becomes the president of an association for professional dancers UPUH in Rijeka, and in 2012 a member of HZSU as an independent dance artist. As a pedagogue she works within Association for performative arts “Prostor Plus” and teaches stage movement at the University of Rijeka (Acting studies). She has worked with many local and foreign artists and performed at various festivals at home and abroad.