4. 6. 2016. / 19:30 / ZPC

Kik Melone (HR)

Glacier is an artistic project materialized by the coming together of Sonja Pregrad, Pavle Heidler, Ana Horvat and Silvia Marchig with the intent to create a new community in a shared space-time dimension that articulates a new theatrical medium of Movement-Sound.

By inviting the audience for a celebration of the performance, Glacier exposes the utopic idea of building community of Those Who Watch and Those Who Act, and offers a ride towards the distant parts of our perception.

Meanwhile, it builds the bridges to the most magical space-time continuum: the one where we are present in our flesh and bones, skin and nerves: fragile and gentle. Strong.  In the medium of Space-Time-Movement-Sound, the performers are present in space-time both realistically and in a matter-of-fact way, whilst maintaining a dynamic relationship between the performance-fiction and performance-reality in order to be able to sustain focus and concentration when in state of rapture.

Raptures are states brought on by materials that allow both performers and members of the public to slip between the two realms, in order to question the realness of reality and the impressive potential of experience.