Sonate Bach (faced with the pain of others)

31. 5. 2016. / 19:30 / DK Gavella

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni (IT)

Eleven  choreographies  that  burst  out  in  gestures  of  pain  and  of painting,  reminding  us  of  eleven  tragic  events  that  have  occurred  in recent  conflicts:  Sarajevo,  Kigali  in  Rwanda,  Srebrenica,  Tel  Aviv, Jenin, Baghdad, Istanbul, Beslan, Gaza, Bentalha, Kabul.
Eleven emblematic dates gathered around the eleven pieces of music that make up the three  Sonatas by J.S. Bach. Photographs of bodies diluted through dynamics  and figures,  seeking  an  unfathomable approach to horror.

Dance here affirms the effort to draw out of these ruins of existence an impossible  and paradoxical  beauty,  carved  out  with  the  ethical and political instrument par excellence: the gesture.

Thus  our  attention  turns  once  again  to  the  question  of  the  body,  its meaning, its complexity and topicality.

The only  response  offered  is  once  again  that revealed  to  and by  the 14th-century  painter:    the    sublimation    of    tragedy    in    artistic transfiguration without comment,  involving  both  the  human and the sacred, the individual and the universal. The  eleven  dances  that  follow  have  the  appearance  of  ballades;  at the  same   time   they  are  a  continual  dedication in  memoria in reference to the events that ichnographically mark the choreographic fabric.

Dancing anguish, fear, the absurd and unjust death:  not an  easy undertaking, but  one that  nontheless succeeds  in the piercing, intense beauty  of the Bach Sonatas –  faced  with the  pain of others. Sieni  gives  expression to the multimedia and performance-art aspects of his  work, and in  the  ethical-aesthetic  maneuver  of  bringing  near  and  then  distancing  us  from  the suffering of almost quotidian wars, confirms most of all his talent for composition. The dance,  before  it  is  dance,  and  well  before  there  is  movement,  is  what  he  is  able  to reveal, here with results of rare substance and sensitivity.
Marinella Guatterini -Il Sole 24 Ore, Svibanj, 2007.

The awareness  of tragedy,  of the pain suffered by so  many in these  lacerated times  of ours,  conflicts,  explosions,  mourning  translated  into  movements  of refined  rigor,
pictures  moving  in  silence  or  enveloped  by  the  notes  of  Bach.  [...]  Desperation rendered  in  limpid  images  of  bodies  falling,  losing  one  another,  ties  broken.  Death  is there  as  well,  but  only  brushed,  its  presence  felt,  but  as  a  background  of  disturbance, the suspended laugh, disequilibrium of bodies, bewildered solitudes.
At the end, only a few  figures  remain  on  the  floor - symbolically,  a  person  from  the  audience  as  well – covered  by  large  leaves,  in  silence.  And  then,  the  warmth  of applause,  for  Sieni  too, standing among the dancers. Magnificent!

Valeria Ottolenghi - Gazzetta di Parma, 14.05. 2007.