Blind Date

31. 5. 2016. / 18:00 / ZPC

Liz king i Arthur Rosenfeld (AU)

Both Arthur Rosenfeld and Liz King have spent their entire professional adult lives as devotees of the dance. Both are now in their sixties and still active. Yet they have never met. Now a friend and colleague of them both, has come up with the brilliant idea of bringing them together so that they can share their great wealth of dance and theatrical know-how. One hopes that their special insight into the process of aging will give their dance new meaning.
So a meeting is arranged. And a lucky audience is given the rare opportunity of being there when they first meet.

Arthur and Liz are going to try to work together. But first they need to get to know each other, to break the ice and find out what makes the other artist tick, to delve into a process that is by definition extremely intimate. Ultimately they will need to find a way to come to a consensus on what they want to say with their dance and how they want to say it.

Will this new relationship work out?
Will they find a way to merge their diverse world-views and styles?
Do one and one add up to more than two?
Do age and experience add up to wisdom?

Blind Date is a theatrical dance adventure made as part of the international exchange project Act Your Age: an edgy, humorous and surprising journey that some will perhaps find touching.
In real life, Arthur and Liz did in fact meet through the Act Your Age project, in Bassano del Grappa, in July of 2012.