I watch you while you're watching me...

1.6.2016. & 2.6.2016. / 20:00 / Student Centre Cinema Foyer

Nives Sertić & Sonja Pregrad (HR)

I watch you while you're watching me, while the audience looks at you looking at them while we’re trying to clarify the relationship and how it’s related to the seed in which the universe is reflected.

The artistic dialogue of Nives Sertić and Sonja Pregrad, video artist and dance author, began with the question: what is identity? Their response, that it is their work together, corresponded with the counter-question: what is a relationship (which produces identity)?

The performance of specific visibility of the other is created through the choreography of relations - two mediums, two friends, a 'duality' that is 'in us' and 'around us'. Observing the biological principles of relations - circulation, interaction, reflection and empathy within living eco-systems, we look at what happens when we establish these within the dramaturgy of space and time in the performance.

As the camera embodies and  the body reframes,   the expanded choreography incurs for the body and film, intestines and eye,  the breath and the feel of the image, sound and time.