1. 6. 2016. / 18:00 / ZPC

Iztok Kovač i Janez Janša (SI)

Choreographer Iztok Kovač, and director, theatre theoretician and performer Janez
Janša, now, in their fifties, return to the cult solo performance by Kovač How I Caught a
Falcon from 1991 – one of the performances of the new Slovenian contemporary dance that allowed it to be integrated into the European context. After this performance Kovač founded the EN-KNAP, dance company and production organization, and developed his own choreographic and dance language.

It is impossible to step into the same river, and they don ́t even try. The original solo is
just a frame for their contemporary ideas about art and ageing, and a basis for their honest testimony about human limits. Falcon! is a never-ending struggle for perfection, for the effort to persist in movement and to never stop moving.

“...The humour and perceptiveness of Falcon! are missing in the performances of young
dancers. They may be faster and more agile but lack the patina that can only be formed by
endurance, life and creative experience. In Slovenia with a rapidly aging population, Falcon! is
a profoundly more relevant and acute performance than those that try to keep the pace with
times by referring to the recent (and currently inactive) street protests. Falcon! speaks of
a subject matter missing from the current public debates: it discusses aging that does not
bring along just retirement-related problems /.../ but also quality, wisdom and humour. No
strategy or public tender can encompass what we are able to watch in Falcon!.”

Jedrt Jež Furlan: Dnevnik - Dnevnikov Objektiv, 19. listopada, 2013.

“…(Falcon!) opens a new space for ideas, wondering, excitement and artistic pleasure
that did not exist before. It seems that this new space welcomes a fruitful encouragement towards interpretation and reflection – today perhaps even more so that at the time of the creation of the original performance.”

Jela Krečič: Delo, 18. listopada 2013.