The Springtime (Le Printemps)

2. 6. 2016. / 21:00 / ZKM

Cie I.D.A. Mark Tompkins (FR)

Four intertwining solos,  four entangling voices, Le  Printemps  (The  Springtime) is  a choral performance that evokes the destiny of four women from different origins and paths, dancers, singers, musicians, who question the themes of exile, wandering and emancipation. Freeing  themselves  from social  or  moral  constraints,  they  confront, transcend and speakin a singular context that shakes their bearings and certainties. The  piece  is  constructed  from  solos  that  unveil  each  performers  path. 

The  original live music  of  Kamilya  Jubran,  singer  and  oud  player, and the  scores  of Silvia  Di Rienzo,  Anna  Gaïotta  and  Ananda  Montange, composed  of  actions  and  states, respond and inter penetrate each other. Through their propositions of dance, play and song, the performance brings into friction the realities of the world and the performers and public’s imagination. How to undo the innate or acquired factors that forge identity? How to free ourselves from our passions and prejudices? And if emancipation is possible, will it match our hopes and expectations?

Without ignoring the conflicts and tensions in ourselves, as well as in the reality that surrounds us, we feel the necessity to rediscover the original matrix, the unconscious state  of  amazement  and  benevolence  of  the  world. Four strong and  independent personalities reinvent before  us the heritage known  by  all:  the drive of  life  and survival, stronger than anything. The closed space of the stage becomes the world.

Premiere May 18 & 19, 2015 at Rencontres chorégraphiques internationals de Seine-Saint-Denis, at La Parole Errante, Montreuil

Can we hide the sun with a sieve
They killed me, yes they killed me
I was sacrificed
I awaited my turn
disintegrated entirely
Yes they killed me
War is less rude than love

Sawsan Darwaza

if you want to be spared when the enemy strikes
so that he won’t strike you when he strikes
then you must be his tender friend
must seduce the enemy
and be his tender friend

Anna Gaïotti

Mark Tompkins
Nakon niza sola i grupnih suradnji, Tompkins osniva kompaniju I.D.A., 1983. godine.

After  a  series  of  solos  and  group  collaborations,  he  founds  the  Company I.D.A. in 1983. Over  the  years,  Tompkins’  unique  way  of  fabricating unidentified  performance objects has  become  his  signature. Solos, group pieces, concerts and performances that mix dance, music, voice, video and text  are  steps  of  this  journey  initiated  in  the  70’s,  and  continued  with  the complicity  of  the  set  and  costume  designer  Jean-Louis  Badet  since  1988.

His  passion  in  improvisation  and  real  time  composition  leads  him  to
collaborate   with   many   dancers,   musicians,   light   designers   and   video makers. Since  2003,  his  performances  evolve  towards  musical  theater, inspired  by music  hall,  cabaret,  vaudeville, musical  comedy,  burlesque. In 2008, he receives the prestigious SACD Choreography Prize for all his work (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers).