Dance classes for the adults and the advanced

2. 6. 2016. / 19:30 / ZPC - premijera
3. 6. 2016. / 19:30 / ZPC

Staša Zurovac (HR)

Original performance inspired by the novel of same name, written by Bohumil Hrabal

The novel consists of a unique content, a monologue of an elderly gentleman. It's a somewhat of a  humorous life confession addressed to six young ladies sunbathing. Another intriguing  fact is  that this  novel of about 100 pages long  is written in one sentence.
The performance is imagined to be shown only from the point of six listeners who are the six dancers performing the interpretive responses to the literary adaptation full of examples of infinite wit and memorable scenes.

Through multicolored thread of his reading, Bohumil Hrabal created in me a whole new realm of power to admire the beauty and comprehensiveness of each moment. A kind of understanding that if we look at such powers of observation from the position of one's life demise creates the impression that all life almost fits in a moment or as it is said "flies in an instant before our eyes."