30. 5. 2016. / 18:00 / ZPC

Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb, Dance department
3rd year students of Performance in Contemporary Dance Studies
Guest performance of curiculum production in subject: Performative project

(touch nothing) or it’ll disappear

Concept and choreography: Nikolina Pristaš

Nikolina Pristaš developed a choreographic structure, based on the analysis of movement through the digital tool Whatever Dance Toolbox by dance company BADco., and its implementation in the sensor activated light environment. The materials generated with the tool were brought closer to the formal procedures of the American poet E.E. Cummings and his punctuation interventions in his writing.

The first thematic and methodological choreographic concerns are the work in the non-permanent light environment in which its unpredictability is both implementing and aesthetical. Harmonizations of compositional decisions are made by the dancers who are in a feedback relationship to the rhythms of visibility and become a fundamental prerequisite for the dance and choreography itself.

Another thematic interest, as the title itself suggests, is the rhythm, a phenomenon that links the place and time giving time a kind of infrastructure.

Students of images

Concept and choreography: Matija Ferlin

Ferlin and his students explored choreographic transpositions of semantic and iconographic fields of image. Choreographic structures and dance materials generated systems that resume the research begun in Ferlin’s performances “Onformance” and “The Other At The Same Time“. This choreographic miniature is accompanied by a soundtrack of pronounced titles of Baroque paintings used as a semantic and performing research field relating to named and labeled, and choreographed and narrative.