11 Million Reasons: Digital photo-exhibition

This life-affirming photography exhibition is inspired by iconic dance scenes from film, all of them re-imagined by Deaf and disabled people who dance.

Witness their thought-provoking take on great cinematic set-pieces like Gene Kelly singing in the rain, Billy Elliot showing his dad how to really move and Moira Shearer playing a young ballerina in The Red Shoes.

With funding from Unlimited Impact, People Dancing, the UK development organisation and membership body for participatory dance, commissioned emerging disabled photographer Sean Goldthorpe to work with the dancers to create 20 high quality images. This brought Deaf and disabled performers centre stage to frame these timeless, magical moments of dance.

A stunning collection of witty and moving compositions, 11 Million Reasons is now touring the UK to help raise awareness of the energy, creativity and diversity of Deaf and disabled people who dance.

The exhibition will support diversity programmes and dance performances across the UK and beyond, featuring a series of events and festivals, to engage viewers beyond a dance audience – it promises to inspire dance and film lovers everywhere, including those who are Deaf and disabled.