A short interview with Silvia Gribaudi about her upcoming performances on 35th Dance week festival

Silvia Gribaudi, photo by Luca Giabardo

What excites you the most about dance? 

What I love the most about dance is the possibility to “narrate” through one’s body. About dance, what excites me is its ability to express human identity in all its facets, leaving room for both physical and language diversities.

Why is dance important today?

Because it is an art form that enhances the beauty of humanity. Each individual is unique in their way to be and to express themselves, and this becomes very visible in dance: thanks to a choreography you can show the harmony and “co-existence” of bodies that can be very different from each other.

What should the viewer take away from your work?

Strength, surprise, joy, vitality, a reflection on themselves and on what they see in front of them.

How did the performance R.OSA happen? 

In 2009, with the creation of the performance A corpo libero (Free body) I started to deal with this issue: How does a body impact society? So I worked on body and physical transformations, as well as a body’s natural virtuosity in everyday life. In 2015 I met Claudia Marsicano, a very talented Italian actress, and I asked her to do r.Osa - 10 exercises for a new virtuosity.

How do your performances correspond to contemporary life? 

I sort of bring a mirror onstage: each audience member can reflect, hear, and see themselves.

And last: please invite the Croatian audience to your performances in Zagreb?

Dearest friends,

In 2010 in London, at The Place festival, a journalist, Duncan Keegan, wrote as follows about A corpo libero:

“As for Silvia Gribaudi’s A CORPO LIBERO...? Well, what can I write that could possibly do it justice? It’s a manifesto for emancipation. It’s beautifully, minutely-observed. It’s uplifting, charming, intoxicating and elevating. And it unabashedly celebrates humanity. And to be completely honest, I don’t think in the entire festival I’ve seen a more beautiful human being onstage”.

R. OSA is even more… 

So I am looking forward to meeting you to celebrate multiple acts of freedom together!