Early Ripen Early Rot

Adam Linder (AT/DE)

29.5.20011. | 21:00h | ZPC


Early Ripen Early Rot
Adam Linder (AU/ DE)
Choreographer/ Performance: Adam Linder
Music: L A N D
Light Design : Benjamin Schälike

About the Show:
In the performance Early Ripen Early Rot  the body is the material subject to decomposition. This performance, performed by a sole dancer and two musicians is also a journey which takes the audience through a physical landscape; we ar witnesses to a body attracted to decomposition. Contemporary culture in general is leaning towards consumerism. This trend is almost a religion: the belief in self destruction. This performance can also be viewed as an embodiment of all sensations which contradict self-reliance.  Early Ripen Eraly Rot premieredat the Dutch festival Springdance Hollandin April 2010. The performance was created through the support of th project   ChoreoDrome at The Place, a residency at the La Caldera and supported by Goethe Institute in Barcelona, together with The Performance Space in Sydney, Australia.

About the Author/ Performer:  
Adam Linder lives and works these days in Berlin where he is busy choreographing and performing. Before embarking on the career of an independent dance artist, Adam Linder danced for and collaborated with choreographers and companies such as: Michael Clark, Jeremy Wade, Nederlands Dance Theatre, The Royal Ballet and with the artist Pablo Bronstein. In 2008  Linder received the prestigious award THE PLACE PRIZE (London) for his short choreography entitled  Foie Gras. His work has recently been featured in the programs of several prestigious festivals such as:   Springdance Festival in The Netherlands, Venice Dance Biennale in Italy, and Festival Grec in Barcelona in Spain.   

Works such as Early Ripen Early Rot (2010) and Are We That We Are (commissioned by the Sydney Dance Company in 2010) have been presented across Europe and Australia this past year. The performance   For The Time Being (2011) is a four day self sustaining performance in Berlin in which Linder participated as one of the members of an artist collective developing the concept and contributing to the realization of the work. Linder continually collaborates with  Meg Stuart/ Damaged Goods and has performed in the project Do Animals Cry and in the project  Off Course which was presented in Istanbul. He is currently working on the creation of the performance entitled: Violet

For the Venice Biennale 2011 he is creating a new film in collaboration with the artist Shahryar Nashat with whom he as collaborated previously on the performance “The Rehearsal of Adam Linder” featured in  Studio Voltaire in London. He collaborates also on the project  The Harvest with choreographer Rodrigo Sobarzo whose premiere is scheduled for January 2012 in the Het Veem Theatre in Amsterdam.  čija je premijera zakazana za siječanj 2012 u kazalištu Het Veem Amsterdaam. My Rock, My Gospel, My Opiate is a compilation of essays in progress. Adam Linder was in 2010/11 one of the participants of the international choreographic research project Choreoroam – and within this framework visited and worked in Zagreb, along with 12 other artists.   

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