Roberta, Roberta

Roberta Milivoj & Matija Debeljuh (HR)

2.6.20011. | 20:00h | HKD Rijeka
9.6.2011. | 22:00 | ZPC


Authors: Roberta Milevoj and Matija Debeljuh
Choreographer, Perfomer: Roberta Milevoj
Video: Matija Debeljuh
Dramaturgy: Sandro Siljan
Light Design: Dario Družeta
Assistant to the Choreographer: Tomislav Feller

About the show:

Roberta, Roberta is an author project of dance artist Roberta Milevoj and video artist Matija Debeljuh. Fusing their artistic expressions and research, they deal with the relationship between dance and film as an expansion of a medium within the theatrical experience. Depending on the characteristics of each of the art forms involved, with the objective to research a set space they try to interfere with realit and fiction. 

About the authors:

Roberta Milevoj was born in PUla je rođena u Puli. Her first dance steps were in the dance studio ZARO. She started her professional education in Zagreb and then continued abroad through seminars, workshops, courses. Since 1998 she has been collaborating with numerous dance companies and authors ( (Liberdance, Sodaberg, Montažstroj, Tala, dance_lab collective, Marmot, ZPA, Studio za suvremeni ples). She is the cofounder of the arts organization dance_lab collective which enabled the production of her first work “Trio”. In 2010 she received the Croatian Theatre Arts Award for best female dancer for her performance in the work of Matija Ferlin: Nastup.
Matija Debeljuh was born in Pula. He graduated Visual Communications Design at the Arts Academy in Split. In his works he researches the capabilities of the visual in the domain of video arts, film and photography. He has exhibited broadely collectively and independently (Pula, Zagreb, Split, Athens, Vilnius, New York) and his works have been featured at several jevideo and film festivals both in Croatia and abroad .

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