Andrea Božić & Julia Willms (HR/NL)

24.5.2011. | 21:30h | ZPC
24.5.2011. | 22:15h | ZPC


Duration: 25’
No intermission

Concept: Andrea Božić, Julia Willms
Live Drawing: Julia Willms
Dancer: Andrea Božić
Beginning is a production of Springdance festival je in coproduction with Frascati Theatre. 
About the show

Beginning is a dialogue between Julia’s free hand drawing of Andrea’s body in motion. All begins with a white, empty page and the questions: Where do we start?

Beginning is part of a tryptich j Beginning Middle End which was created by three artists who were commissioned by Springdance festival, Holland in 2009. These  artists are:   Madalina Dan (Romania ), Michael Pinchbeck (Great Britain) and  Andrea Božić (Croatia/ Netherlands). Madalina, Michael and Andrea met for the first time during the “Dialogues” program as part of the Springdance festival in 2008. They then decided to create a work about a beginning, a middle and an end. For the BeginningAndrea chose to collaborate with her long time creative partner Julia Willms. 

About the author

Andrea Božić is a choreographer who today lives and works je in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Originally from Croatia, where she studied contemporary dance and where she graduated from the University of Philosophy in area of Comparative Literature and English Language.  For a period she was a collaborator as program coordinator of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance in Zagreb, and was also participant in the international project MAPAZ (Moving Academy for Performing Arts Zagreb). In 1999. she graduated contemporary dance at the School for New Dance Development in The Netherlands, and then in 2004   from Dance Unlimited (today Amsterdam Masters of Choreography).
She engages in interdisciplinary work and has since 2005 been collaborating  with video artist Julia Willms and with composer Robert Pravda. 

Her work fuses elements of installation, action movies, dance, music, video and new media. Her work offers an unorthodox strategy of viewing of the nature of things and perception. She is the first artists to be invited into a residency at the international choreographic centre directed by ICKamsterdam’s  Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. Artistic Directors Emio Greco and Pieter C. Sholten explain their choice to invite Andrea into a residency process because of her ‘ strict artistic choices and their mutual curiosity and empathy.” Greco and Sholten first met Andrea  Božić in 2005 when she was a participant in a project they facilitated:  EG | PC Gasthuissessie.  They then followed her progress and development into a mature artists  impressed with how Andrea used new media to wipe away boundaries between film, video and choreography. 

Since the beginning of her residency at  ICKamsterdam, in October 2009,   Andrea has participated in several projects: to create the Cover for the project TRIO, by choreographer Yvonne Rainer; at the request of   ICKamsterdam she created a sketch entitled : Double Points: Paradiso  and she presented her work Beginning in December  2010. godine. Her most recent production “Mars Landing” premiered on September 11, 2010 at the Theatre Frascati.  January 2012 will see her new work which will include all dancers from the company.  

“…Only the part that was created by Andrea Božić entitled  Beginning delivered something more than just the initial impact. Her movement leaves an imprint on the projection screen on which the video artists initially uses a pencil to draw on, and then a brush. What is beautiful is that the pieces starts quite on a humble note, almost empty and then slowly fills up until it transform into utter chaos of aggressive leg stomping and equally aggressive drops of paint which fly around. In just a split of a second before our eyes unfolds the beginning and the end. ”.
(Mirjam van der Linden, Volkskrant, 25. travnja 2009.)

Iz medija

„In just a moment, evolution, from beginning to the end, unfolds before our very eyes.”  (Volkstrant)

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