M. – SOLO FOR THREE MINDS (Dialogues with Marcel Proust)

Miloš Sofrenović (AT/SR)

2.6.2011. | 19:00h | ZPC

Devised and performed by: Miloš Sofrenović
Musical concept and arrangement / dramatisation of text by
Miloš Sofrenović
Musical composition and arrangement / sound engineering:
Jan Vysocky
Text re-translated and spoken by
Sheila Sofrenović
Costume and stage design:
Miloš Sofrenović
Ana Adamović
Trailer devised:
Chris Clow
Duration of performance:
63 minutes
Light design:
Bojan Gagić
Glazbeni dio projekta realiziran je uz financijsku potporu poduzeća DELIKOS (www.delikos.rs)
Realizirano kroz potporu rezidencijskog programa i suradnje sa Zagrebačkim plesnim centrom, kroz Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples te projekt

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About the show
Part of the larger choreographic opus "THREE SEASONS" ARTISTIC STATEMENT:
"I only know who I am and what I am when I find out who I was and who I was surrounded by."
Marcel Proust

Live movement, performed and perceived in the present, is actually a temporal experience, in the sense that, once executed, it is constantly analyzed and processed as a revisitation of past experience.
Through my dialogue with Marcel Proust's capital work "Remembrance of Things Past", I discovered a strong relationship between three discourses -Memory, Movement and Monologue. This solo piece, "M. -- SOLO FOR THREE MINDS" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust), investigates this relationship as it is being established and questions it. The following questions became the dramaturgical building blocks upon which this solo performance in 12 scenes is based.

1. Can movement be assumed to exist only as remembrance?
2. Can movement be re-lived or re-experienced in order to make it last forever?
3. Can we reach and experience a metaphysical level of existence through movement?
4. Can the conceptualisation of bodily action make thought a physical reality and movement a cognitive reality?
Miloš Sofrenović

"One minute within us that is free of the constraints of time creates within us a being that is free of time and allows us to experience not immortality, but eternity."
Marcel Proust

About the author

Miloš Sofrenović graduated from the London Laban Dance Centre. He continued to pursue his dance education through scholarships with organizations such as:   DanceWeb program (Austria), Dance Omi Residency program (USA), DanzInc Residency Program (Singapore). He danced with the  Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singaporer), Tanz Theatre Wien (Austria), Coartris (Germany), Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal (Germany) and for the  Netherlands Dance Theatre II,  and he choreographed also for John Galliano  and Dior.


Photos from the performance at the 28th DWF / 2.6.2011. @ ZPC:

Foto: Ksenija Španec
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