Glitch / Bound

Thomas Noone (ES)

27.5.2011. | 18:00h | Gavella
28.5.2011. | 21:30h | Gavella
31.5.2011. | 20:00 | HKD Rijeka



Duration: Glitch - 25 mins - Bound 30 minutes

Choreography: Glitch i Bound: Thomas Noone
Sound: Glitch - Borut Krisznik/ Bound-Felipe Pérez Santiago
Light Design: Glitch -Thomas Noone / Bound - Jaume Ortiz
Assistant: Núria Martínez
Dancers: Silvia Albanese, Alba Barral, Jeronimo Forteza, Javier G Arozena, Arnau Castro
Executive producer: Sara Esteller
Musicians of the The MalAkh Ensemble: Meritxell Canela - Oboa/ English horn, Konstantin Tchakarov – Violin, Frances Bartlett – Cello, Apostol Kosev - Double banjo/banjo, Felipe Pérez Santiago - Guitars and electronics, Juri Kuefner - Percussion.

About the show:

Glitch-Bound is the latest production from Thomas Noone Dance. In these two contrasting pieces the company continues to seek new languages while retaining its signature physical dance style.

This is an investigation into mechanisms that trigger an emotional in the audience. Experimenting with the creation of sequences and patterns that generate expectation then disrupting or interrupting them by introducing brusque changes of tempo, removing participants, or inverting roles. The aim is to create a choreographic conversation or dialogue in which the participants
never achieve the expected connection.
The music for Glitch comes from the Slovenian Borut Krisnik in his first collaboration with Noone.

Bound is a consideration of what artistic freedom implies both in the context of this dance piece and at a wider level. In order to truly have the freedom to interpret one has to be extremely disciplined in approach or have a true dominion of ones media.
Bound is performed to a soundtrack composed by Mexican Felipe Perez Santiago for TND and recorded with himself directing and playing with his own musical group, The MalʼAhk Ensemble.

This small, high energy company from Barcelona features the Thomas Noone brand of aesthetic athletics and potent drama laced with lunacy.
Maggie Foyer, Dance Europe

Trailer :

About the company:

Thomas Noone Dance (TND) is a contemporary dance company with a mission to bring physical, exciting and demanding dance to a wide audience.
After nearly ten years of existence TND has achieved a level of production and performance that places it among the most active companies in Spain.

Special thanks:

Thomas Noone Dance Company is co-financed by: The Institue for Culture; Ajuntament de Barcelona, CONCA; The Catalonian Nacional Art and Culture and Art Council, Spanish Ministry of Culture (I.N.A.E.M.). Within international toursThomas Noone Dance is also aided by Ramon Llull Institut. Felipe Pérez Santiago, The Mal'Akh Ensemble and Thomas Noone Dance would like to thank PHONOS,the elektro-accoustic section of Pompeu Fabra University for their help at creating the music for “Bound.”
Special thanks: Carlos Pardina i Ahilya Noone.
The performance in Croatia is realised with the support of the Embassy of Kingdom of Spain in Zagreb.

Photos from the performance at the 28th DWF / 27.5.2011. @ Gavella:

Foto: Ksenija Španec
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