Dnevnik jednog putovanja
(Diary of a voyage)

Senka Baruška / Gordana Svetopetrić (HR)

29.5.2011. | 19:00h | HKD Rijeka

Authors: Senka Baruška, Gordana Svetopetrić
Performers: Martina Rukavina, Senka Baruška, Tanja Kalčić, Matea Pasarić, Nives Soldičić
Visual artist: Melita Sorola-Staničić
Co-production: Dance art lab and "Koraki" Center

About the show:

The dance performance entitled “The Diary of a Journey” was created as a coproduction with Dance Art Laboratory and the Centre “Koraki”. The inspiration is found in the instability of the world, perception, the moment. The core idea of the authors was to grasp, record, feel a moment in time, time which does not exist (…) As perception in itself is fragile and an unstable category, the potential to question it varied, and it was decided that in doing so they will engage the audience, each one of them, by giving each an mp3 headphones, five pouches each of different material and each hiding five tastes and smells. The performers repeat the same three minute long choreography over and over again, rotating in space and to different styles of music.

About the authors:

Gordana Svetopetrić je is an independent choreographer, dance artist and also teaches power-yoga. She graduated from the School of New Dance Development, Theatre School in Amsterdam, while her Gaia Yoga training was achieved in Zagreb. As a performer and co-author she has collaborated with a range of different artists and companies: Prostor Plus, Trafik, Dance art laboratory, Koraki, Ex-scena.

Senka Baruška was born in Rijeka. She graduated contemporary dance at the Lewisham College in London and then at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. For over twenty years she has collaborated with a range of different artists from across Eorope. She frequent understakes professional development in dance centres in France, Croatia, Slovenia, England and The Netherlands.