EL Llac de les Mosques

Sol Picó (ES)

29.5.2011. | 20:00h | ZKM
30.5.2011. | 19:00h | ZKM cancelled!

Foto: Oscar de Paz i Marta Vidanes

Duration: 60 minuntes/ No intermission

Artistic Direction and Choreography:  Sol Picó
Music Direction: Mireia Tejero
Set Design: Joan Manrique
Costumes: Valeria Civil y Sol Picó
Light Design: Sylvia Kuchinow
Assistant to the Choreographer: Maribel Martínez
Dancers: Valentí Rocamora i Torà, Sol Picó
Drum and voice: Mercè Ros
Guitar and voice:  Jordi Pegenaute Ferri
Bass-guitar and voice: Joan Rectoret
Saxophone and voice:  Mireia Tejero
Actor: Joan Manrique
Sound: Stéphane Carteaux
Light Technician: Sylvia Kuchinow
Wigs: Toni Santos
Video: Joan Rodon, Felix Frank
Co-production:  Sol Picó cia de Danza, Mercat de les Flors, Centro Parraga de Murcia
In cooperation with:  Cal l’Estruch de Sabadell,  Ajuntament de Sabadell,  Auditori de Granollers

Thanks:  Mediterranea, La Bascula, Pedro de Cos, Mag Lari, Pepe Gomez, Ramon Calduch, Festival Escena Abierta de Burgos, Carme Portacelli, J. Pau.

Funding: INAEM, Ministerio de Cultura, ICIC, Generalitat de Catalunya, Dpto. de Cultura
ICUB, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull; the performance in Zagreb is supported by the Royal Spanish Embassy.


About the show:

El Llac de les Mosques premiered at the prestigious cultural centre Mercat de les Flors, Centro Parraga in March 2009. Under the pretext that she is returning into the past, Sol Picó constructs her performance as if a rock & roll concert, with a bit of the aesthetics from the 80-ties, at a time that she could have been a singer. In this dynamic show, Sol uses all of her usual and recognizable tools: unique sense of humor, live music, and as usual the audience plays an integral part in the show as she engages in communication with them. El Llac de las Mosques deals with gender issues, sexuality, all this accompanied by the rhythm of rock & roll, a bit of flamenco and then the sound of blues… The performance is a result of catharsis; a quest for evolution…Choreographer and Sol Picó is accompanied by exceptional musicians and dancers.


About the author
Sol Picó started her career as solo dancers in 1992 and her first choreography Various Animals as part of the collective the Pluralists whose members were some of the more renowned of artists today:Sixto Peáez, Marcel li Antúnez, Carlos Padrisa etc. Her first piece Pevequi was produced in 1993 and she performed it at the festival Danza Valencia ’93 Madrid en Danza. She has collaborated frequently also with Fura les Baus. Because nearly all of her works are award winning and have generated great success in Spain and abroad she is often referred to as the Spanish Queen of Dance. She founded her own company of the same name in 1994.

Photos from the performance at the 28th DWF / 29.5.2011. @ ZKM:

Foto: Ksenija Španec
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