4 solos

Sofia Fitas (PT) | Anna Réti (HU) | Marjana Krajač (HR) | Cindy Dague (FR)

29.05.20011. | 21:00h | ZPC

Each of these four solos is a part of W-EST_WHERE project realized with the help of four organizations: Company Jasmina (Orléans, France), Teatro Viriato (Viseu, Portugal), Trafó House (Budapest, Hungary) i HIPP – Hrvatskog Instituta za ples i pokret (Zagreb, Hrvatska).

Concept, interpretation: Sofia Fitas
Music: Sébastien Jacobs
Coaching: Eszter Gál
Photography: Sébastien Jacobs
Supported by: Teatro Viriato, Viseu; Trafó House, Budapest; Micadnases, Paris; Institut Français, Paris; Cité Internationale des arts, Paris; Companhia Clara Andermatt, Lisboa.

Que Ser? / What to be?
Sofia Fitas (PT)

About the show:
I’ve changed at every moment (…)
I’ve never seen or finished myself (…)
Fernando Pessoa

The creation of the solo piece Que ser? Had its starting point in a research on the idea of identity and obstacle. The development of this solo had the objective of attaining the abstraction of the body, that is, the deconstructing and analyzing of the idea of body, not only in its anatomical sense, but also the idea, about this same body, that’s imposed upon us or that we acquire through the social and cultural contexts we occupy. Through an experimentation of the body and its movement, I tried to create and show alternative images, other perceptions of the body, which could reveal themselves as an expression of possible identities, as well as of constraints, of obstacles inherent to them, without ever trying to give them a representative or interpretative character.

O author:
Intuition, experimentation and the concept of becoming are kez words in the research of dancer and choreographer Sofia Fitas. Her work is based upon experimentation and deconstruction of the bodz an dits movement. She studied at FMH attaining in 1999 her licentiate’s degree in dance. Since 2008, she devided her work between Lisbon and Paris. In 2004 she enrolled for a master’s degree in Aesthetic and Philosophy at the Faculty for Social Sciencie in Lisbon. For her choreographic work she received many awords.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Anna Réti
Assistant of the Director: Zsuzsanna Simányi
Guest Choreographer: Ferenc Fehér
Couching: Josef Nadj
Assistant to the Choreographer: Dóra Furulyás
Music Editor: Balázs Barna
Composers: Amos Ben Tal, Ferenc Fehér , Hildegard von Binge, Tibor Hajas,Godspeed you! Black Emperor, Zsolt Döme
Costumes: Retina
Stage Design: Pál Körmendy
Light Design: Gabi Bánki
Photography: Dániel Borovi

Vis-A-Vis Meetings With A
Anna Réti (HU)

About the show:

I wonder what the condition of a real encounter is. The answer is of course very complex. But perhaps the most important condition is presence.
From the moment of birth everyone is present, paying attention to the surrounding, and following the inside processes. During our personal development it all becomes increasingly difficult, and complicated, as we are becoming aware of the world around us
The piece tries to explore the issue of presence, by creating different ways of being present and experimenting with them.

About the author:

After finishing her studies in the Secondary School of Arts in Pécs, Anna Réti graduated at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She worked in Holland with Itzik Galili, Conny Janssen and Jensom Van Daeleom. Since she came back to Hungary, she workes as a freelancer with choreographers like Attila Kun - Pr Evolution, Réka Szabó - Symptoms, László, Eszter Gál, Zoltán Nagy, Klára Pataki itd. Since 2005. she started to choreograph her own works as well. Over the years she has been awarded with several relevant prizes.

Thanks: Sándor Szőke, László Tenigl Takács, Zoltán Halasi, Anna Hay, Gábor Fábián, Dóra Furulyás, Katalin Csigó , Nóra Rácz, Ernő Rubik, Száva Lakos, Tibor  Nádor, László Mérő, Teodóra Uhrik, Dr.  Zsuzsanna Harsányi, Júlia Garay , Thomas Cooper, Roni Haver, Thomas Falk, Edan Gorlicki, Kirsten Kran, Jannes Noormann, Veerle van Overloop, Amos Ben Tal, Claudio Stellato

Supported by: National  Cultural Foundation, Eotvos 10 Cultural House - Hungary, Départs Program, Archauz Choreography Center - Denmark, Jardin d' Europe Program, Ultima Vez, Random Collision, Centre Chorégraphique National D'Orléans, Workshop Foundation, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Florian Workshop

Concept, choreography and performance: Marjana Krajač
Photography: Gordana Obradović-Dragišić
Realised through Croatian institute for movement and dance, Zagreb Dance Centre, Teatro Viriato Viseu Portugal, RE.AL Lisabon.
Thanks: Joao Fiadeiro, Petra Zanki, Andreja Široki and libela.org

Short Fantasy About Reclaiming The Ownership Of My Body
Marjana Krajač (HR)

About the show:
My body is not owned by me.
If I am not the owner, that means that I am sharing it with some other instance, that some other instances too claim and execute the right to use my body: to navigate it, to count on it, to take my body into the responsibility. Choreographic practice then would be the place to zoom into this consideration: of reclaiming the body for limited space-time frame in order to own it fully again. And, also to encounter other bodies in this  frame which are also temporarily reclaimed, so that (though still burdened by our social codes) we can eventually establish some other form of transfer to each other, some other quality of humanoid consideration, some other common ground, instead of one that is repressively inscribed in the outer world.

About the author:
Marjana Krajač is among acknowledged choreographers and authors belonging to a younger Croatian contemporary dance scene. She graduated from State the School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletic” in Zagreb, and continued studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Berlin. She also studied theology and religion science at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Upon graduation she collaborates as dancer and choreographer with a number of choreographers in Berlin. She is a past recipient of  the European scholarship for contemporary dance DanceWEB and scholarship for the Mobile Academy Berlin. Her most recent project THE BOOK is available online: http://thebook.sodaberg.hr. Her project THE STORE (2009) was nominated for the T-HT Award of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. She lives and works in Zagreb where she founded the collaborative SODABERG.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Cindy Dague
Coaching: Milko Šparemblek

From 0 To 26
Cindy Dague (FR)

About the show:

0: nothing
9: the passion, the attempt, recklessness
14: first steps
17: inspiration, reproduction
23: contact, opening
26: the achievement, satisfaction
Through its strength and weakness, simplicity and compilation, success and failure, commitment and doubt, each of us if forging his identity to be. 

About the author:

From 1994 to 1998 Cindy Dague has been studied contemporary dance at EMD Saran. As a dancer in the period 2004-2008 she participated in several plays as a dancer in the Toutazimut Company. In 2005 and  2006, she participated in the meetings of the FFD dance, group and solo, at the national level. Since 2008, she took professional training in preparation for EAT at Art Dance International in Toulose. Meanwhile she is a dancer in the rock band Wellington. In the year 2011. she creates her first solo piece From 0 to 26

Photos from the performance at the 28th DWF / 30.5.2011. @ ZPC:

Foto: Ksenija Španec
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