Tao Te

Ferenc Fehér (HU)

31.5.2011. | 18:00h | ZPC
1.6.2011. | 21:30h | ZPC

Performance: Ferenc Fehér, Ákos Dózsa
Dancers: Ákos Dózsa, Ferenc Fehér
Music: Ferenc Fehér
Sound Design: Gabi Bánki
Sound and Light: Dávid Kovácsovics
Choreography: Ferenc Fehér
The artists are supported by:  NEMFI, NKA, Workshop Foundation (Műhely Alapítvány), Fővárosi Közgyűlés Kulturális Bizottsága, Katlan Csoport, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány

altThis performance of Tao Te is being shown at the 28th Dance Week Festival within the frame of the W-EST_WHERE project.

About the show:

Therefore the beings:
some go ahead, some go after,
some sigh, some brag,
some vigorous, some worn out,
some climb, some crash.
"Lao-ce, Tao Te King"
I left a previous state not in order to replace it with another one but because the previous one was also a lodging along the way. The enduring in thinking is the way. And in the ways of thinking lies the secret that they can be walked both forwards and backwards, and, what is more, you can really advance only by the way which leads backwards.
(M. Heidegger: On the way to language - from a dialogue between a Japanese and a questioner)

It’s quite rude to collect information about Tao on Wikipedia. Just like adding philosophic interest to a contemporary dance choreography by it’s title. It is not what makes the opus interesting but the fact, that Fehér arrives with a street-dance style turn on one hand and is still able to finish it with a lyrical  arm-movement … that Dózsa keeps kicking his head without touching it while Fehér twitches to the rhythm with such harmony like he really was kicking him … that said or unsaid, a kind of story or moral lesson can be seen on the stage, or at least a piece of referential reality occurs,
and each scenic action becomes experiencable without explanation by grasping it. "

Csaba Kutszegi _Tanckritika.hu


About the chorepgrapher:

I have never had any formal dance training but due to the styles influencing my art (free style dance, martial arts) and when working with Anikó Juhász (O. Caruso) we created our own style. I worked continuously with the Company Finita la Commedia – directed by Anikó Juhász (O. Caruso) from 1999- to 2007. I have been making my own choreographies since 2007.

Photos from the performance at the 28th DWF / 1.6.2011. @ ZPC:

Foto: Ksenija Španec
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