The Project

Israeli opera, Suzanne Dellal Centar (IL)

1.6.2011. | 20:00h | KD Lisinski

Choreographers: Jacopo Godania, Marc Goecke  and XXX
Artistic Director: Mate Moray
This guest performance has been realized through the generous support of the Israel Embassy in Zagreb.


About the project:

The Project is the result of collaboration between the Suzanne Dellal Centra and the Israel Opera in Tel Aviv. In addition it is collaboration with a trio of internationally acclaimed contemporary dance choreographers with a newly formed ensemble comprised of a dozen of dancers chosen through an audition of a group of over 260 dancers. These are some of the best emerging dancers on the Israel dance scene today. The Project aims to offer them the experience of a life time to work with world acclaimed choreographers and to experience high professional standards. The Project is comprised of three sections which combine different aesthetics and techniques classical ballet with the risqué of contemporary dance: Light Years – Jacopo Godani (Italy) and Super Nova – Marc Goecke (Germany)) and at the time of the premiere it also included the choreography Through the Center – Emanuel Gat (France).

The choreographers engaged in The Project are world renowned and their works can be seen on the repertoires of many international dance and ballet companies world-wide: NDT, The Paris Opera Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Scapino Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet and others. The Artistic Director of The Project is Mate Moray, who was a dancer with the Israel Ballet and who is present on the international stages today.


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