Map of My Heart

The School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić / Helen Walkley (HR/CA)

1.6.2011. | 18:00h | ZPC
2.6.2011. | 12:00h | HKD Rijeka

Choreography: Helen Walkley in collaboration with graduating students from the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb
Assistants: Nataša Jurišić, Hilari Strugar
Musicians: Lada Menac, Stanislav Muškinja
Performers: Petra Vida, Antonija Hrnjkaš, Lucija Mačković, Vlatka Bašić, Ines Jandroković, Lana Tomašević, Lara Ivanac, Sofia Kranjčec, Lea Pavlić, Mirela Arnaut, Magdalena Držaić
Thanks: The School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, Zagreb Dance Centre and Nataša.

About the show:

Map of my heart is created in response to the task I was given – to put together a short performance with a group of young women ages 16 to 19. I gave them specific directions, I observed how they reacted to the tasks and the ways their bodies moved and then we commenced on the crafting of the work. I chose specific, seemingly very simple movements and gestures. Still, even simplicity is complex and nothing can be hidden. I wanted to prompt their curiosity and to enable them to find their own authentic responses and presence. I decided that I would keep them on stage for the full duration of the piece and thus contributing to the layers and to an overall image of continues movement flow

The performance is a result of the now traditional collaboration between the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić and the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, in the field of performing practice. The Institute supports the development of professional dance milieu through supporting young dancers’ interest to enter the profession enabling them to experience working with international choreographers who are also acclaimed teachers and through providing them with an experience of working in a professional setting and presentation, along with potential touring experience.

About the author:

Helen Walkley is an independent performer, choreographer, improviser and teacher based in Vancouver, BC. She has also lived and worked extensively in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. She has performed at the New York Improvisation Festival and Dance Theater Workshop/NY, the American Dance Festival, On the Boards/Seattle, Danceworks/Toronto, the Edge Festival and the Scotiabank Dance Centre/Vancouver, Tangente/Montreal, Danslab/Amsterdam and the Tanzfabrik/Berlin.