Studio za suvremeni ples (Studio for contemporary dance) (HR)

2.6.2011. | 21:30h | ZPC

Authors: Matthew William Smith
Performers: Dina Ekštajn, Petra Hrašćanec Herceg, Ana Vnučec, Petar Banda, Zvonimir Kvesić
Costumes: Matthew William Smith i Barica Paulić
Music: Bernhard Weiss
Light Design: Matthew William Smith i Aleksandar Čavlek
Dramaturgy: Saša Božić
Production: Studio za suvremeni ples (Artistic Director: Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran; Producer : Branko Banković)


About the show:
(…)How we understand and perceive theatre, what is the significance in this lifetime given to symbols which do not leave any material trace? Is the power of theatre as a machine of pictures in its manipulative strategies? How does the understanding of theatre strategies reveal mechanisms of perception of our daily reality? SPIN makes effort to respond to these questions taking into consideration the ideas of cognitive linguist George Lakoff and his definition of the term framework or the collection of anecdotes and stereotypes which we construct organically around a word or an idea. The combination of frames in a a particular context will encourage a specific interpretation, removing others. In SPIN choreographer MatthewWilliam Smith considers marketing strategies of the so called think-tanks and other factories of public opinion, which through continuous framing offer a simple and sure picture of the world. Rather than simplification of the representational moments of political events, the theatre of SPIN attempts to find ways of understanding the mechanics of politics today. (…)

Saša Božić

About the company:

Studio za suvremeni ples (SSP)_is Crotias first ensemble of contemporary dance founded in 1962 in Zagreb by Ana Maletic and Vera Maletic. In 1968 choreographer Tihana Skrinjaric takevs over the role of the Artistic Director; followed by Zaga Zivkovic in 1979 and then Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran in 1992. Studio’s work is based on the tradition of innovation in the field of contemporary dance always exploring new tendecies in artistic and cultural communication. Along with national choreographers the Company also collaborates with choreographers and teachers from abroad: France, England, USA, Spain, Slovenia, Holland. SSP has been present on the stages of Croatia since its inception and also tours internationally.

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