10min Omnibus

En Knap (SI)

26.5.2011. | 21:30h | ZPC

Light Design: Jaka Šimenc, Simon Žižek i Zoran Grabarac
Costumes: Alan Hranitelj i Valter Kobal
The Pieces are Connected through the Sound by: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar and through the projections of: Studio nejaaka i Luka Umek
Co-production: Teatar Anton Podbevšek, Novo Mesto (Slovenija), Nacionalna opera i balet, Maribor (Slovenija), Zagrebački plesni ansambl (Hrvatska) / Workshop Foundation, Budimpešta (Mađarska) / Mini Theatre, Ljubljana (Slovenija) / Bitef Teatar, Beograd (Srbija).


About the show:
10 MIN is a stage project initiated by EN-KNAP Productions that brings the dancers of EnKnapGroup together with eleven authors from the international contemporary performing art scene. The title captures the task which Iztok Kovač set before each author: to stage their personal view on the nature of time in a performance no longer and no shorter than ten minutes.

No Longer
Dalija Aćin (Serbia)

Beautiful is the Sea below Olib
Ivica Buljan (Croatia/Slovenia)

Don't Worry but Be Aware
Jordi Casanovas (Spain)

Edward Clug (Romania/Slovenia)

Dots and Dashes
Olga Pona (Russia)


About the group:

17 Years / 54 Performances / 5 Dance Films / 6 Documentaries / 50 co-producers / 400 guest appearances.
The international dance group En-Knapwas founded in 1993 by Iztok Kovač in Leuven, Belgium, under the wings of the production-management house Stuc and the Klapstuk Festival. A year later the group moved its headquarters to Ljubljana, where it established EN-KNAP Productions. From its beginnings, the programme of EN-KNAP has been supported by over 50 international co-producers, by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and by the City of Ljubljana.

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