Vizija (Vision)

Martina Rukavina (HR)

31.5.2011. | 20:00h | HKD Rijeka
9.6.2011. | 22:00h | ZPC cancelled!

Choreographer: Martina Rukavina
Performers: Martina Rukavina, Katarina Rilović
Light Design: Dalibor Fugošić

About the show:

Vizija is a dynamic duet with two different people who travel on the same path. The process of making decisions, coincidental choices and their repercussions. Loss of individuality, a moment of despair and fear leads into the discovery of a joint energy and movement in space and the construction of not only a physical but also an intellectual relationship

About the authors:

Martina Bukovina was born in Rijeka in 1987 She started dancing at an early age in the Youth Hall in Rijeka, and continued with classical dance at the National Theatre School  in Rijeka. Upon graduating from the School of Contemporary  Ana Maletić in Zagreb she enrolls in the professional program of the "Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance" (SEAD) graduating in 2009. In 2010. She also participated in the project of the NOMAD Dance Academy.

Katarina Rilović was born in Dubrovnik in 1987. She started dancing through the elementary ballet school in Dubrovnik. Following her graduation from the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb she continues her dance education in Salzburg at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) graduating in 2010.  Over the years she has collaborated with diverse artists including:   Libby Farr, Zsuzsa Roszavolgyi, Diego Gil, Todd WiIliams, Rosana Hribar, Moa Hanssen, Costas Kekis, Ori Flomin.

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